A Weird Year is the twenty-second episode of the fifth season of The Good Wife. It aired on May 18, 2014. It is the 112th overall episode.


Eli tries to get Finn Polmar to withdraw from the State's Attorney race after he uncovers evidence that he possibly bribed another prosecutor to save his sister from jail. Jackie and Veronica clash as each vies to cook Zach's graduation dinner party; Jackie finally learns the truth of Peter's and Alicia's marriage. After a live-streamed deposition, Lockart/Gardner & Canning leave their conference room camera on, which allows Florrick/Agos an opportunity to eavesdrop. After Finn withdraws, Peter decides to offer Diane the chance to take his place. Alicia and Cary argue heatedly after the proposal to merge with Lockhart/Gardner & Canning resurfaces. Canning, after being thwarted in his attempts to buy Howard Lyman's vote, threatens to dissolve Lockhart/Gardner & Canning if Diane does not give up her managing partnership, which prompts her to try and join Florrick/Agos. Alicia bids her son Zach farewell as he embarks on a summer internship after graduating from high school. Eli, in a last-minute decision, proposes that Alicia run for State's Attorney.