"All Tapped Out" is the eighteenth episode of the fifth season of The Good Wife. It aired on April 20, 2014. It is the 108th episode.


The proposal to merge LG with Florrick/Agos is scuttled as Diane has a change of heart after speaking to Cary about it, who is vexed he wasn't sooner informed by Alicia. LG's partners decide to merge with Louis Canning's firm, forming Lockhart/Gardner & Canning (retaining the late Will Gardner's name). While incredulous to Canning's intentions, Diane eventually agrees to work with him. After being approached by an NSA independent contractor who accidentally removed a USB flash drive with possibly classified documents, Florrick/Agos realize that their firm is being surveilled by the NSA. Alicia informs Eli and Peter, who later uses his connections to halt the surveillance. Cary and Clarke both try to save the job of the NSA contractor after he is subsequently suspended from his role at the NSA. Alicia continues to defend Finn Polmar against the State's Attorney Office, representing him in a disciplinary hearing into his past prosecutions.




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