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Cary Agos
Portrayed by Matt Czuchry
Cary Agos
Biographical Information
Residence: Chicago, Illinois)
Occupation: Lawyer
Position/Rank: Fourth year associate
Firm: Lockhart/Gardner

State's Attorney's Office (former)

Physical Description
Gender: Male
Hair color: Blonde
Character Information
First appearance: "Pilot"
Latest appearance: Current

Cary Agos is a young lawyer initially working for Lockhart/Gardner, who later "changed sides" and works for the State Attorney's office but later returned to Lockhart/Garner after a demotion.


Cary is introduced as a young and ambitious lawyer at Lockheart/Gardner. He is described as an overachiever and studied at Harvard University. Like Alicia Florrick, Cary is a new associate at the law firm in 2009. At first, he comes across like a passive aggressive foil for the show's main character. While he still competes with her for a second-year associate position, Cary actually has a lot to offer, he's adept at research and is eager to learn. He and Alicia have teamed up on multiple occasions. In "Hi", Cary is under the influence of hallucinegenic mushrooms with "an old friend from the Peace Corps" believing he has the day off, but is not ratted out by Alicia, thus gaining new respect for her, and states, "It's in my nature to be competitive, but I don't want you to lose."

At the end of the first season, Cary has joined the State's Attorney's office under Glenn Childs. He is asked to obtain information on previous co-worker Kalinda Sharma, but instead opts to tell her that she is being investigated. Cary is the one who first finds out of Peter and Kalinda's one night stand, but does not tell anyone about it. He is re-hired by the new State's Attorney Peter Florrick. He is promoted to Deputy State Attorney in "Affairs of State". He is then demoted back to ASA for an in-office relationship with Dana Lodge. In "Penalty Box", he is hired back at Lockhart/Gardner.


Kalinda SharmaEdit

Kalinda: Your office is... small.
Cary: Yes. Small, but pure.
Kalinda: So, in the third year, do you get a window?

Cary has always shown an obvious attraction towards Kalinda Sharma, and in one instance asks if she has a boyfriend, however, she seems oblivious to this attraction in the first two seasons. In "Great Firewall", after inquiring about why she told him about her new place, Kalinda tells him it "seemed normal". He then kisses her, telling her, "welcome back to normal." In "Silly Season", Cary tells Kalinda of the fact that Childs is trying to investigate her. He discovers her secret one night stand with Peter Florrick in "Wrongful Termination", but keeps it a secret. In "Get A Room", Kalinda asks him for information, and he answers that he thinks that she tends to "use people's feelings to further her investigations." She seems surprised by this information and asks, "Is that what you think I did? Use you? Cary, whatever I felt I didn't invent." In "Death Row Tip", while working on a case, Cary throws Kalinda to the ground during gunfire She thanks him, which prompts him to state that he "doesn't like her in his head". Afterwards, the two share a kiss in his office, broken off by Cary.


Cary is played by actor Matt Czuchry. His career path to a lawyer is not so smooth. One postion to be a permanent lawer is won by Alicia Florrick. Then he is working for the state's attorney office. In the latest season, he lost the chance to be a partner in the law firm Lockhart Gardner for the time being.

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