Duke Roscoe is a journalist and a talk show host who, through his many sources, releases rumors through his show, whether they are true or not.

During a case against him and his defamation of Tim Willen's recently deceased wife, Cheryl, he ends up in quite a dispute with Stern, Lockhart & Gardner, the firm representing Tim. In retaliation, he goes on and reports gossip to degrade the reputation of the firm through his stories about their employees, one story in particular being an asusmed relationship between partner Will Gardner, and Alicia Florrick, the wife of the scandalous former state's attorney, Peter Florrick.

When he wins the case against him with his lawyer, Emily Tartan, he goes on and reveals secrets about the firm; although whether these reports are true are unknown, seeing as his final reveal is that Diane Lockhart is a lesbian.

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