Eli Gold
Portrayed by Alan Cumming
Eli Gold
Occupation: Political Consultant

Crisis Manager

Gender: Male
Hair color: Graying, dyed darker
Significant Others: Vanessa Gold (ex-wife)

Courtney Page (Girlfirend)

Children: Marissa Gold (daughter)
First appearance: "Bang"

Eli Gold is Peter Florrick's campaign manager, and is later appointed as his Chief of Staff. He is also an equity partner at Lockhart/Gardner.

Biography Edit

  • Eli is Jewish, though he does not appear to be particularly religious. He is separated from his wife, Vanessa Gold, and has a daughter, Marissa, who is similarly outspoken and shares a fairly healthy relationship with him.

His style of management is to be blunt and often rude. He has a brief shot at romance with Natalie Flores, a student who worked in the past as a nanny for Wendy Scott-Carr. Eli leaks details to the press of Natalie's family's status as illegal immigrants, but as he comes to know her he is seen to regret this and later helps her get a job as an intern at Lockhart & Gardner.

Background Edit

Portrayed by actor Alan Cumming, Eli Gold is modeled after Chicago politician Rahm Emanuel, former chief of staff of president Barack Obama. He was promoted to the main cast in Season 2.

References Edit

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