"Everything is Ending" is the 91st episode of The Good Wife


The firm is working quickly to delay the execution of a client on death row so that they have enough time to find exonerating evidence that will save his life. David Lee becomes suspicious of the fourth years and enlists the help of Alicia Florrick and Kalinda Sharma to uncover their plans, putting Alicia in an awkward position between the two groups. The fourth years, led by Cary Agos , continue looking for office space for their new firm, while struggling to keep their deception a secret from their employers. Eli Gold worries that Peter Florrick 's new ethics consultant poses risks to his publicity, and suggests that they find a way to get rid of her. Zach Florrick is dismayed after learning that his younger sister Grace Florrick is listed on a website about politician's daughters, thus increasing the amount of unwanted attention that she receives from both younger and older men.


Guest StarringEdit

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