Get a Room is the third episode of the third season and the forty-night overall. It was written by Julia Wolfe and directed by David Platt.


Eli Gold gets bad press when he attempts to help a cheese guild deal with a poisoning scare. Alicia and Will have to reserve a hotel room together when work goes overtime.


Main CastEdit

Supporting CastEdit

Recurring CastEdit

  • Lisa Edelstein as Celeste Serrano
  • James Eckhouse as Walter Kermani
  • Anne Marsen as Jennifer

Guest CastEdit

  • Isiah Whitlock Jr. as Ira Protopapas


(This list is in the order as they appeared on the original airing of the episode.)

Guest StarringEdit


  • Rick Vincent Holmes as Dr. Howard Farland
  • Sarah Litzsinger as Olivia Summer
  • Anne Marsen as Jennifer
  • Nat McIntyre as Heather, the farm worker
  • Leon Addison Brown as Teamster