Giada Cabrini
Portrayed by Karen Olivo
Giada Cabrini
Gender: Female
Hair color: Black
Relatives: Ernesto Cabrini (father)
First appearance: "Mock"

Giada Cabrini is a law student in Sadie Hart's class in DePaul University College of Law.

During a mock trial for the class in "Mock", Sadie asks Will Gardner to play the judge on the Hansel & Gretel case, wherein Giada represents the defendants, the siblings. When Giada feels that Will was antagonizing her on the mock court, she approaches and asks him for some advice. She later uses this against him and requests on the mock court that Will recuse himself because he is apparently biased for her. Sadie, assuming that Giada had seduced Will, takes him off the class activity. Giada later goes to his office at Stern, Lockhart & Gardner and asks him out. He initially turns her down because of their age difference.

In "Running", Giada is waiting for Will at the firm and talks to Alicia who she has apparently heard a lot about her through Will. She then continues to watch Alicia after jokingly saying that she is jealous of Will's constant mentioning of her. Eventually, she and Will have dinner together.

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