Isaiah Easton
Portrayed by Gbenga Akinnagbe
Residence: Chicago, Illinois
Occupation: Pastor
Gender: Male
Relatives: Jeremiah Easton (father)
First appearance: "Heart"
Latest appearance: "Ham Sandwich"

Isaiah Easton is the pastor at the African-American church, Lord in Christ Church, on 95th St. on Chicago's South Side. In hopes of increasing his support from African-Americans, Peter Florrick and his other campaign runners approach him about possibly endorsing him. While he refuses, he does talk Peter into trying to welcome religion into his life, which Peter soon does with Isaiah as his spiritual guide.

In "Bad Girls", Wendy Scott-Carr also approaches him, hoping for his endorsement. She uses his charities as leverage, promising help. This, however, only results in Isaiah's distaste in Wendy, so he finally agrees to endorse Peter. This, in turn, displeases the church board, so his father, Jeremiah, is made pastor again.