Laura Hellinger
Portrayed by Amanda Peet
Normal S4E8 007
Occupation: Attorney
Firm: Cook County State's Attorney's Office
Gender: Female
First appearance: The Art of War

Laura Hellinger is a prosecutor in the Cook County State's Attorney Office. She was hired by Peter Florrick after Alicia Florrick recommended her for the position. She previously served as a military lawyer at the rank of captain in the US Army's Judge Advocate General Corps.

Biography Edit

Laura Hellinger was a client of Alicia Florrick and Lockhart/Gardner when she accused a civilian contractor in Afghanistan of attempted rape. After losing the case, she left the military to become a lawyer. Laura and Alicia often face off in court, although are shown to be friends.

Relationships Edit

Laura Hellinger briefly dated Will Gardner, but she broke off the relationship.

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