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Louis Canning
Portrayed by Michael J. Fox
Occupation: Lawyer
Position/Rank: Equity Partner
Firm: Canning & Meyers
Gender: Male
Significant Others: Simone Canning (wife)
Children: Jay
First appearance: "Poisoned Pill"
Latest appearance: "Trust Issues"

Louis Canning is an attorney from New York with his own law firm, Canning & Meyers. He suffers from tardive dyskinesia, a condition which causes erratic body movements. He often uses this to his client's advantage in court, attempting to endear himself and win sympathy from the judge and jury.

Canning's motivations are often mysterious, with both Diane and Alicia repeatedly seeking to understand just what he wants from them. Although generally humorous and affable, Canning is a ruthless lawyer and businessmen.

He has squared with Alicia Florrick on various occasions, and been known to use trickery in his cases. Shortly after buying the late Jonas Stern's firm, he offered Alicia a job with full partnership, which she rejected.

In season five, Canning merges with Lockhart/Gardner after Will's death. David Lee made the bargain to prevent Diane from merging with Alicia. Canning effectively takes over Will's office, causing some tension, especially in season 5 episode 18, "All Tapped Out," when he remarks to Kalinda, "I'm the New Will."

Canning reveals to Diane (and Kalinda later corroborates), that he is dying, also claiming that he "wants a home," and this is why he has chosen to come to Lockhart/Gardner. Canning's intentions are only partially true. Despite his claims of cooperation, he and Lee conspire to not only push Diane out, but to steal clients from and bankrupt Florrick/Agos.


  • Although generally distrusted, Canning can also be genuine and supportive, especially with clients.
  • He is married with two children.
  • Canning was bumped to a season regular as of series six.
  • It is revealed in Wrongful Termination that (like Michael J. Fox) he is Jewish, as he was wearing a yamaka at the funeral.

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