Maddie Hayward
Portrayed by Maura Tierney
Occupation: businesswoman/candidate
Firm: Self Employed
Gender: Female
First appearance: And the Law Won
Latest appearance: Invitation to an Inquest
Appearance Count: 7

Maddie Hayward is a businesswoman turned Democratic politician. At one point, she also acted as a landlord for the building in which Lockhart Gardner and Associates rented from.


Season 4 Edit

Alicia was sent to her by Diane to discuss the firm's office space. But she quickly turned the topic of their conversation to Alicia and her husband. She then offered Peter support and money and befriended Alicia. Over drinks, Alicia confided in Maddie. However, she later announced her Candidacy against Peter, which led the two of them to grow distant. It still remains unclear whether Maddie befriended Alicia to get to Peter or not. but evidence points to that


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