Stoppable: Requiem for an Airdate is the fifth episode of the first season of The Good Fight. It aired on March 12, 2017.


The firm defends a TV writer who released an episode of a TV show, even though the network postponed airing it several times, ultimately benching the writers episode. Elsbeth returns to help the firm when Kresteva tries to attack the firm.


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Adrian wants to take on another anti-Trump case. The firm is worried they may start to get a reputation but he has ulterior motives in that he wants to branch out in to the entertainment industry.

Maia is approached by Kresteva about the fake news stories that were started about her. She is surprised when he knows about her visits to her father, as is her attorney, who wants an explanation. Barbara asks Diane for her capital contribution. This forces Diane to reevaluate her living expenses and look for room to cut back.

Kurt visits Diane at the office. He is giving a speech and wants her help. Hoping to support him, she shows up to watch him give the speech.

The firm's partners interview attorneys to defend them against Kresteva. Lucca has an unorthodox idea but she and Adrian decide it's worth a look.

Diane runs into Neil Gross who has some interesting news for her.

Kresteva makes a visit to the prison and shortly after, Henry is back home after being bailed out. Maia happily meets him at home until she sees her parents acting like nothing has happened.

Later, an attorney makes her question whether her father would turn on her.

A potential attorney for the firm confronts Kresteva not once but twice, the second time in a very personal way that scares him a bit.

Colin stops by the courtroom to see Lucca in action. The two of them finally go on their date where Lucca opens up about Alicia.

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