Portrayed by Elizabeth Reaser
Full name: Tamara Linnata
Occupation: Journalist
Gender: Female
Significant Others: Will Gardner (ex-boyfriend)
Siblings: Helena
Relatives: Unnamed sister
First appearance: "Cleaning House"
Latest appearance: "Gloves Come Off"

Tamara "Tammy" Linnata is Will Gardner's ex-girlfriend. Will apparently used to date, and eventually broke up with, Tammy's sister. During the course of their relationship, the two constantly reminded each other that they are just having fun, even joking about leaving each other once things got too serious between them.

Things begin getting serious by Real Deal, and Tammy begins to feel "like her mother" when Will has no time for her. She then tells Will that she will start seeing other people, saying she wants a "30-day" cooling off period, and Will is just as hurt when she tells her. Both realize that they no longer know what they want from each other and what their relationship is, but the two later make up.

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