"The Bit Bucket" is the 92nd episode of The Good Wife


The NSA listens in on Alicia Florrick and Diane Lockhart's calls as part of an ongoing terrorist investigation, which turns messy when Lockhart-Gardner brings an unrelated lawsuit against them. Chumhum CEO Neil Gross has his lawyers, Alicia and Cary Agos, sue the NSA for their selectively enforced gag order that hurt his business. Alicia, Cary, and the other fourth years struggle to find suitable office spaces while keeping their departure a secret from their bosses, with Alicia's mom stepping in to save the day. Zach Florrick's ex-girlfriend Becca shows up to once again cause trouble for Eli Gold and the Peter Florrick campaign. Diane is put in an awkward position when the preliminary steps for her judgeship require her to talk negatively of her business partner, Will Gardner. The NSA finds sufficient incriminating evidence to expand their investigation of Alicia and anyone who is in contact with her.


Guest StarringEdit

  • John Leonard Thompson as NSA General Counsel
  • Chester Jones III as Campus Police Officer
  • Vanessa Wasche as Diane's Assistant

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