The Death Zone is the second episode of the third season and the forty-eighth overall. It was written by Leonard Dick and directed by Jim McKay.


A libel case that Alicia Florrick won in the United States is retried in British court, forcing her to learn English law.


Main CastEdit

Recurring CastEdit

  • Michael Kelly as Mikey Gunn

Guest CastEdit

  • John Doman as Oliver Cardiff
  • Eddie Izzard as James Thrush
  • Gretchen Egolf as Mia Lambros


(This list is in the order as they appeared on the original airing of the episode.)

Guest StarringEdit

  • Simon Delaney as Timothy Ash Brannon
  • Michael Kelly as Mickey Gunn
  • Brian Murray as Judge Mowbray
  • Michael Aronov as Danny Lambros
  • Gretchen Egolf as Mia Lambros
  • Emily Swallow as Mandy Cox
  • John Doman as Oliver Cardiff (with)
  • Eddie Izzard as James Thrush (and)


  • Alex Draper as Joel Branch
  • Brad Oscar as Eric Atkins

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