The Deep Web is the twentieth episode of the fifth season of The Good Wife. It aired on May 4, 2014. It is the 110th overall episode.


While on jury duty, Alicia has a chance encounter with a fellow juror who later invites her to drinks. During a day off, she decides to meet with her mother, Veronica. Diane defends a client whose son is accused of abetting the sale of drugs online on the anonymous marketplace, Silk Road after bitcoins are traced to his computer. Kalinda's investigation reveals information that prompts Diane to withdraw from the case. Eli, concerned about Finn's lack of an organized campaign (or even a campaign manager) for the State's Attorney election, decides to arrange a TV interview for him. Meanwhile, with help from Kalinda, Diane realizes that David Lee and Louis Canning (who is now terminally ill) are moving against her.