"The Next Day" is the 96th episode of The Good Wife


Alicia Florrick gets fed up with her new firm working out of her home, particularly with having so many men constantly around her teenage daughter, Grace Florrick. Diane Lockhart and Will Gardner become angry as Alicia and Cary Agos pick up yet another Lockhart Gardner client, and employ questionable tactics to get their client back. Peter Florrick's ethics consultant, Marilyn, steps on toes at Florrick Agos to discover the extent of the governer's involvement in the new firm, and whether his actions constitute an ethical issue. Diane finds out that she has lost her judgeship, and consequently decides to stay at Lockhart Gardner.


Guest StarringEdit

  • Bhavesh Patel as Anthony Wright Edelman
  • Vanessa Wasche as Gina Young
  • Anthony Ordonez as Adam Rolfe

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