The Penalty Box is the twenty-first episode of Season 3.


After Judge Richard Cuesta is accused of prosecutorial misconduct he hires Lockhart/Gardner to defend him. A case he prosecuted 20 years ago when he was with the State Attorney's office has resurfaced after the man's conviction has been set aside as a result of new DNA evidence. A special court of inquiry has been struck to determine if Cuesta should be charged with a crime.

The firm still represents Lemond Bishop and he takes to Kalinda for having shared information about him with the FBI.

The firm decides it needs another litigator and Alicia recommends Cary Agos who is unhappy at the State Attorney's office.

Will, still under suspension, isn't sure he wants Cary on the team. Without Will's knowledge Diane Lockhart and Howard Lyman interview Callie Simko, a lawyer from their previous case. She's Will's girlfriend however.

Cast Edit

Special Guest Star Edit

Guest Starring Edit

  • Stephen Root as Judge Murphy Wicks
  • Jim True-Frost as Seth Kleinberg
  • Jill Flint as Lana Delaney
  • Jerry Adler as Howard Lyman
  • Mike Colter as Lemond Bishop
  • Donna W. Scott as Mara Stokes
  • Sarah Zimmerman as Lynn Cuesta
  • Michael Park as Lloyd Bullock
  • Kelly Deadmon as Carol
  • Brian Tarantina as Frankie Peel
  • Julianne Nicholson as Callie Simko (and)

Co-Starring Edit

  • Nancy Lemenager as Laura Delond
  • Keith Eric Chappelle as Sheriff