Tying the Knot is the nineteenth episode of the fifth season of The Good Wife. It aired on April 27, 2014. It is the 109th overall episode.


Alicia inadvertently becomes a witness to a homicide while in Colin Sweeney's house trying to get him to sign important business documents during his engagement party. Sweeney's fiancé, Renata is arrested for the murder. Being a lawyer representing Colin Sweeney she cannot defend Renata so Alicia refers Diane to represent her instead. The State's Attorney becomes personally involved, first appointing Finn Polmar to prosecute at the last minute, only to pull him off soon after. Still trying to assist Finn, Alicia suggests that Finn run for State's Attorney to protect his job, and after she gets Eli to gather the requisite signatures, Peter decides to endorse Finn. Meanwhile, Eli must deal with a picture of Zach holding a bong, and the ensuing controversy when Alicia's brother Owen, decides to offer up his own opinion on drug use.



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