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It is the 21st episode of Season one of the The Good Wife.


SLG divorce lawyer David Lee is representing Olivia Lyons, the soon to be ex-wife of rock star Max Lyons. David has asked Alicia to join in the proceedings. David and Max’s lawyers agree on the terms of the divorce agreement, but Max winds up in a coma after a motorcycle accident soon after.

David acts quickly before the divorce is finalized by removing Olivia’s signature page from the settlement so that Olivia will still be married to Max and be given power of attorney over his estate. His plan is for Olivia to get half of Max’s estate instead of the annual amount according to the divorce agreement. Max’s new fiancé, Shaina, had a son with Max, so there’s a fight over who should control Max’s estate. The judge gives both sides a day to prepare before he decides.

While trying to make an argument for keeping Max alive, Kalinda finds a video of Max just before his accident where he appears to be intoxicated, but the original toxicology report came up clean. When a second report shows that anti-freeze was in his system, Kalinda catches Max’s manager, Jay, by his ringtone, the same one heard in the video of Max before his crash. Jay wanted to cash in on being named in Max’s will. The remaining sides come to agreement where Shaina receives $1 Million dollars annually while Olivia receives the remainder of the estate and full guardianship of Max. The competition between Cary and Alicia comes to end with Alicia winning a position at the firm while Cary is let go.

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