"VIP Treatment" is the fifth episode of Season 2 as well as the 28th episode of The Good Wife. It was written by Robert King and Michelle King, and directed by Michael Zinberg.

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Alicia and the partners debate whether to take the case of a massage therapist who accuses a Nobel Peace Prize winner of sexual assault. Meanwhile, Peter and Eli try to figure out what Wendy's candidacy means for their campaign. decision.

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After the young ASA Wendy Scott-Carr announces her intent to run for State's Attorney at a gala dinner in front of Alicia, Peter, and the LGB partners, Alicia is called back to the firm for a woman who accuses a Nobel Prize winner of sexual assault. The woman (Laura White) tells Alicia that while giving a massage to a VIP at a top of the line Chicago hotel she was sexually assaulted by a man named Joe Kent, who is well known for his work in Africa on behalf of women and is about to receive a Nobel Peace Prize for that work. Alicia is skeptical of Laura's story until she correctly gives the alias that Kent is checked in to the room under. Diane, Will and Derrick are then called in to help decide whether or not LGB should take the case or let it go to another willing firm. They don't have much time to vet Laura's story before eleven when she has an appointment with another firm.

Meanwhile back at the gala, Peter and Eli scramble to determine where their campaign stands in the wake of Wendy's announcement. In an attempt to regain footing, Peter suggests to Wendy that if she really wants to make a difference she should become Peter's deputy state's attorney when he is elected. It seems his efforts are wasted though when Wendy starts gathering supporters.

Blake and Kalinda are looking into Laura's story as quickly as possible with time winding down before her other appointment while the partners and Alicia continue to grill her. It seems though that Laura's story is beginning to hold water with almost everyone except for Diane, who has made Kent into a personal hero and is highly skeptical of Laura. Will, on the other hand, goes on a fishing expedition. He meets with Kent's lawyer (Wilk Hobson) and says that Laura would like to settle. Hobson denies any assault ever took place and even if it did who would believe a masseuse over Joe Kent. Then Hobson comes after Will and they get into a fist fight. It would seem that Hobson is slightly more concerned than he is letting on. He quickly returns to the gala to offer an endorsement from Kent to Peter, on the condition that Alicia and LGB drop their case against Kent of course. Peter refuses to call off Alicia just for the endorsement. Kent sends Eli the endorsement anyway, tying Peter and Kent's fate together. If Kent goes down, so does Peter.

Laura continues to debate whether or not she actually wants to bring suit against Kent while Kalinda and Blake continue looking into her story. Kalinda confirms for the partners that this is not the first time Kent has assaulted a woman. She called hotels he had previously stayed at and located another masseuse that had been attacked by him. Diane is finally convinced of Kent's guilt when she receives a call from none other than Joe Kent's wife pleading with her not to allow Laura to bring suit. Diane, Derrick and Will all agree that LGB should represent Laura in her lawsuit. As it turns out though, Laura no longer needs representing. Alicia chases Laura as she leaves the building and Laura explains that she can't bring suit because of all the good that Kent does. Besides if she sues, everyone will know everything about her, her family, everything. Something maybe Alicia can understand.