Veronica Loy is Alicia Florrick's mother.


Season 4Edit

Veronica shows up for one episode unexpectedly. Alicia and Owen discuss their mother earlier in the episode, assuming she left her husband, Malcolm. Later Alicia goes home and as Owen opens the door, he tells her that their mother has arrived. Veronica tells Alicia that Malcolm has died and she is here because of his Will. She wanted Alicia's help. Alicia asks David Lee to be her mother's lawyer and after the deposition, Alicia tells David that Veronica did cheat on Malcolm. That was the reason for Malcolms son getting Malcolm to exclude her from his will. Veronica, however, denies she cheated.


She has married 3 times. Her 3rd husband was Malcolm. Although she cheated on him, it seems that she really did love Malcolm. Not much is known about their relationship.



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