What Went Wrong is the eleventh episode of Season 3.


The firm goes all out when a client is surprisingly found guilty of first degree murder. They have a sympathetic judge and even ASA Cary Agos was concerned that the prosecution hasn't made their case. The accused refused a deal, not prepared to plead guilty to something she didn't do. Now that the verdict has been delivered, they look for evidence of jury misconduct or anything that might get the judge to direct a verdict of not guilty.

It doesn't get easier when Special Prosecutor Wendy Scott-Carr questions the judge in the Will Gardner investigation. She also has something interesting to say to Will.

Cast Edit

Special Guest Star Edit

Guest Starring Edit

  • Dallas Roberts as Owen Cavanaugh
  • Monica Raymund as Dana Lodge
  • Romany Malco as Justin Coyne
  • Kurt Fuller as Judge Peter Dunaway
  • Wendy Makkena as Cynthia Venegas
  • Lisa Joyce as Lisa Banner
  • Susan Kelechi Watson as Lauryn Fisher
  • Cindy Katz as Senna Altman
  • Miguel Perez as Mario Alvarez

Co-Starring Edit

  • Ismael Cruz Cordova as Jimmy Patrick
  • Adam McNulty as Grant Rudnick
  • Nancy Ticotin as Admittance Clerk
  • Katie Tuminelly as Juror #2
  • Diane Hess as Judith

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